Web hosting review Singapore (for website, blog, and email)

Truthful and Unbiased Web Hosting Review

Have you been looking for a reliable web hosting service company in Singapore (or at least a presence here) for your Internet presence need? Particular in terms of shared web hosting (or shared server hosting if you would like to call it). I have a few to recommend ūüôā Here is a truthful¬†web hosting review for you!

Be it for your business website or personal blog, or even email. Here are some valuable information for your review, reference and comparison – based on my dealings with hosting providers for the past 10 over years. Why do I deal with them? Because I run a digital creative design agency in Singapore which constantly need the use of third party server hosting providers for our clients (mostly headquartered in Singapore or nearby region).

Since we are running our operations mainly in Singapore, it make sense to use providers that are headquartered here as well. Simply to facilitate better communications. Of course the data centers of the providers¬†which the servers are housed, are also located mostly in Singapore, if not a near by country. Obviously for the proximity, as well as most of the client’s target audience is in the near by region. And Singapore’s Internet connectivity is one of the best in the region.

Searching for the best and most reliable hosting providers is part and parcel of my everyday work! The success of our clients websites greatly depend on the qualities of web hosting providers we use.

Hence, here is a list of them for your review, and potentially use their services.

It is not in any order of preference. In fact, it actually depends on what is your needs, like hosting a WordPress website, a HTML website, or a customized .NET web application.

So here goes…

Web Hosting Review Contenders:

  1. Vodien
  2. Signetique
  3. HostSG
  4. NewMedia Express
  5. Watch List
  6. Drop List
  7. Conclusion


Web Hosting Review: Vodien

This is my all time favorite for share web hosting a WordPress website. The first day we started implementing WordPress for our clients, we have used them and they have not failed us since.

Their website is very comprehensive. Hosting information is clearly presented, and their website loads pretty fast. They have a good online chat support as well. So far, their after sales support is pretty good. Hosting rates are also fairly affordable.

No major issues for the many websites I have hosted with them.


Web Hosting Review: Signetique

This is my new favorite for share web hosting .NET website or web application on Windows platform. Recently, started to feel a need to try out a new provider for Windows platform as the current ones used are slower in providing the more recent windows platform. Chanced upon this provider with the latest Windows platform available. Made contact with their online sales chat and the experience was very good. Their technical support replies have been very prompt and precise as well.

They have a comprehensive website, and rates are fairly affordable.

Started using them recently and so far no major issues.


Web Hosting Review: Hostsg

This has been a reliable shared web hosting for .NET website or web applications on Windows platform. I have been using their service for many years and have little to no problems with them. The key issue is there has not been newer Windows platform available from them.

Comparatively, their services are less self-serviceable compared to the counterparts.

They have a comprehensive and rather speedy website. Rates are less affordable comparatively.


Web Hosting Review: NewMedia Express

This used to be one of the hosting providers I frequently use for Windows shared web hosting, including dedicated servers for Windows platform. But they stopped to provide Windows platform solution for a while which causes us to stop using them for this platform. Currently, I primarily like them for their domain services as their domain control panel are pretty simple to use and self-serviceable.

They have a speedy website, and rates are comparatively pricier for windows platform.

I do not rule them out for future selection as they have been good based on past experiences with them.


Web Hosting Review: To Try Out Watch List

  1. Exabytes (This is potentially a new hosting provider which I may try out because of good pre-sales communications. They have also actually acquired Signetique, however their shared windows platform is not the latest)
  2. NewMedia Express (Potentially a fallback since they have windows shared hosting again, and based on past good experience with them).


Web Hosting Review: Drop Out List

Some providers which I have used but decided to drop them out because they did not do as well to meet my expectations.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Sparkstation


Conclusion of my Web Hosting Review

Realized that there is no mention of how good their web hosting infrastructure is? Because they are all available on their website and well¬†presented to be the best of all, over their competitors.¬†We never know what is really behind the scene as they will not tell you the bad sides ūüôā

My advice is not to be too fixated about comparing their infrastructure or how good they talk about it. The most important thing is tried and tested based on current and past experiences.

So based on the experiences, these are the key hosting providers that stands out in the various scenarios for shared server hosting:

  1. web hosting a WordPress website, my recommendation is Vodien.
  2. web hosting a .NET website that runs on the latest Microsoft Windows platform, my recommendation is Signetique.
  3. web hosting a .NET website that does not need the latest Microsoft Windows platform, my recommendation is Hostsg. Well, there is contender for this, because I have recently contacted Exabytes and their pre-sales service and support are pretty good. I will be giving them a try if there is such a scenario coming up.


To sum up the review. If you are a digital design agency trying to look for a good hosting provider for your clients, my advise is not to bet on only one provider. Choose a few to support your various needs, and spread out the risk.

Or if you are looking to host your business website or personal blog, ask about their services to test them out and have a feel of their pre-sales service and support.

Be sure to do your due diligence review and research online as well, before you jump on to select your providers…

Definitely, I will be keeping a lookout for more quality hosting providers in Singapore!


Hope you find this shared hosting review useful!

Feel free to browse through other tech stuff in my produce segment!

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Vodien: Affordable, Reliable and Professional Singapore Web Hosting