Google Sitemap Format Dynamic File Extensions


When you know Google sitemap is a wonderful SEO addition to boost your search engine optimization effort, and you need to generate a dynamic sitemap but cannot use one of the sitemap recommended format file extension by Google. For example, you have a server side ASP.NET handler that generates dynamic list of sitemap URLs, say sitemap.ashx, and you are not sure if the file extension of .ashx is able to work.



The good news is, yes it works. I have successfully used, and have been using dynamic file extension for Google sitemap submission via Google Webmasters Search Console Tool. Example:

google sitemap format dynamic file extension works - success

Successfully submitted and indexed Google sitemap with dynamic file extension. e.g. sitemap.ashx

If you have a sitemap that is relatively large, Google may take a while to read your sitemap. So upon submission, the Status may say something like Couldn’t fetch.

Give it a while to finish reading. As long as your sitemap is accessible (not that slow in response), and correctly formatted, it should turn out fine. Just refresh the page again, and it should show Status of Success after a while.

A few important notes for Google Sitemap to be successfully read:

  1. The server response of your dynamic file is not unbearably slow
  2. The response format should be in utf-8 encoding

Therefore, Google sitemap does works with dynamic file extensions other than .txt or .xml.


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