Gastronomy, Eat to Live, Live to Eat

No one other place describes East meets West, or even North meets South, better than Singapore, geographically and culturally, literally or figuratively.

This is a result of a sleepy fishing town being blessed with her strategic geographical location, where she welcomes an influx of people from all over the world and in return, they have brought her the best of their hometown cuisines. From Malay food to Indian dishes, Japanese delicacies to Western or Chinese restaurants, she is a small island with an overwhelming variety of food.

Fast forward to today, every mall and HDB heartlands are filled with hawkers, food courts and nice restaurants. As a Singaporean, it felt like going to an international food festival when it comes to breakfast, lunch or dinner. What can I say, I am lucky to be born in this time and age in Singapore.

In this section of my blog, I will share with you my experience of food in Singapore or delicacies from abroad as a Singaporean. Hope I could do my part to relief your stress of choosing what to eat for your next meal!

Bon appétit! Itadakimasu! 请享用!Selamat menjamu selera!


Sometimes, I might want to think – hey, despite eating good food, can I cook up some storm myself? And well, here it is, nothing beats cooking yourself and serving up the dishes to your tasters and hearing their feedback (good or bad) 😀

So I have decided to give it a go – to pick up cooking skills!

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