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GIT GUI Change Origin of Remote Repository or Source Control System

GIT GUI Change Origin of Remote Repository - Scenario: Error: Command Failed! They all goes like these when your target GIT remote origin repository is not found. Obviously the repository is not available ...


Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 Migration to Another Machine

(TFS 2015) Team Foundation Server 2015 Migration - Scenario:  You need to migrate Team Foundation Server 2015 from one machine to another (regardless of physical or virtual machine migration). Because the ...


Parking sg app review, conveniently good digital alternative parking coupon

Parking.sg app is here to the rescue. And I am giving my truthful Parking sg app review! Couple of days ago, while driving, I heard the radio DJs talking about this app and the convenience of using it, I ...


Move or migrate SSL certificate from a windows server to another

Scenario: You are planning to move or migrate your SSL certificate from one Windows Server to another because you need to migrate your website with the respective SSL to a new server setup. You choose not ...

import ssl cert - featured image

Import ssl certificate to windows server 2016 (to IIS 10)

Scenario: You need to import and restore an SSL certificate for a website running with IIS 10 on a Windows Server 2016 server; probably because you have just re-setup your website and server due to ...


Export SSL certificate from Windows Server 2008 R2 (from IIS 7.5)

Scenario: You wish to export and backup an SSL certificate which is used to encrypt your IIS 7.5 website that is running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 server, because you want to be able to restore the SSL ...


Practical SEO tutorial, search engine optimization tips and basics (how to)

This article hopes to give you insights about SEO whether you are a beginner or an expert in this field. For beginners, it should be layman enough to get you going. For experts, it may reinforce what you ...


IIS keep website alive, always running, always on: ASP.NET application auto start, keep app pool alive, with IIS Application Initialization

IIS keep website alive - Scenario: Somehow what you need is to have IIS keep website alive. You need to keep your ASP.NET website and application pool always running. Regardless of application pool, ...


Windows server 2016 install steps with microsoft partner iso image download

Scenario: You need to setup Windows Server 2016, you are new to Windows Server 2016 installation, and you have got your hands on an ISO image downloaded from Microsoft Partner downloads. You want to know ...

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