Export SSL certificate from Windows Server 2008 R2 (from IIS 7.5)


You wish to export and backup an SSL certificate which is used to encrypt your IIS 7.5 website that is running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 server, because you want to be able to restore the SSL certificate (without needing to go back to your certificate provider for a replacement or reissue of certificate) in case the server or website is crashed or corrupted and the SSL cert is also wiped out together with the failing system.

It could also be a case of moving the certificate from one server to another. You would want to use the exported backup certificate to import into the new server for use.



Windows Servers regardless of versions, generally provide an easy way for you to export and backup your certificate from the computer certificate stores. To export your SSL certificate you can follow the steps below.

  1. Access the computer certificate store with the MMC Snap-in
  2. Export your cert from the computer certificate store

Export your cert from the computer certificate store

export ssl cert - certificates store
From the certificates store view, right click on the selected cert you wish to export and from the context menu, go to All Tasks > Export… You will see the export wizard. Proceed to the next dialog.

export ssl cert - export private key
Choose to export the private key since you need to restore it together with the certificate. Next.

export ssl cert - export file format
You should include all certificates in the certification path if possible, in case there are chained certificates that need to be present for the target certificate to work. Next.

export ssl cert - password protect
Provide your password to protect the exported file. Next.

export ssl cert - export to file
Choose the location (it can be anywhere on your computer) of the file you want to export to and give it a file name. The file is in .pfx extension. Next.

export ssl cert - completing
Review the settings summary. Finish.

export ssl cert - success


Safe keep your exported file (and remember the password used to protect it) on another device in case the original computer is no longer available or accessible.



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