Hosting My Blog

Hey! If you are looking at creating your own blog, you will have to start learning web programming, immerse yourself in a few years of building websites, be good at web hosting, and get comfortable with speaking technical jargon – just kidding!

If fact, in today’s context, you can actually setup a simple blog website and start blogging away with just a few clicks of buttons.

Ok! Not really that simple… Before that, you’ll still need to jump through a few hoops before getting to your blog writing…

Here’s what you need:
1) A domain name like (if you wish to have your very own url identity)
2) A hosting platform for your website (it could be a blogging platform such as,, or a pure hosting provider simply providing you web space to host your website)
3) And if you want to blog without having to code every single page of your website, you will need a blogging engine. Such as WordPress.

If you have some technical background, achieving the above is perhaps as simple as ABC. It can be in the matter of hours or just minutes if you are really proficient.

But of course, if you know nothing and want to skip all the nitty gritty stuffs, you can engage someone to do it for you. Fret not, it will not cost you an arm or leg for doing so.

For a simple starter blog, usually subscribing to an affordable shared web hosting plan from a web hosting provider, they are more willing than not to help you get started with your blog or website by providing you the relevant information. Some may go to the extent of helping you set it up your blog or website.

There are of course many great hosting providers out there. Take your time to search the Internet for reviews, then follow your gut in choosing which hosting provider to use.

Otherwise, here’s the one web hosting provider I use for my blog currently, and many of the customers my company recommends for starter hosting of blogs. I consider their service and support as pretty good. If you need a rating, it will be 8/10. So far, they are able to respond quickly and effectively to our needs.

They have also an online live chat – but it depends on who’s standby 😛

Here you go. One of the more reliable and professional web hosting company in Singapore.

Vodien: Affordable, Reliable and Professional Singapore Web Hosting


However, if you are looking at professionals or an agency that can take care of all your needs, you can always look for our company WhooshPro! Doing some up selling here 🙂 We provide quality web solutions based in Singapore and we have plenty of satisfied customers!


Ad: Vodien: Affordable, Reliable and Professional Singapore Web Hosting
Vodien: Affordable, Reliable and Professional Singapore Web Hosting