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make every step count

make every step count

They say it is not too late to start… anything.

So I have decided apart from only work, family and friends, there must be something more to do. Indeed, without much doubt, which no one should, it brings me to start thinking of exploring what is there for me in this very short life time. Enjoy myself to the fullest in which ever means I could before saying goodbye and leaving this place called earth – be it migrating to Mars someday, or a not-so-distant planet when we find one, or to another dimension (as in death of old age or whatever – you got it).

In the process, it is much better to document somewhere (this website), and come back to it later either to awe for yourself or share it with someone you wanted to. Hence the starting of this blog (or web log, or self documentary – what have you). You will expect to see the most candid and unfiltered stuff recorded here. That is what life is about to oneself – truthfulness by all means.

For you who chance upon this blog, feel free to browse through and go in depth on what excites you. Leave a comment where applicable. Share it with someone. Go try it out for yourself if you have not. Or give me some feedback.

Of course, do not forget to share it with or do it along with your dearest family or friends whom you care about and love! I will be very glad if while documenting my own experience, it benefits someone else that found these information useful. Or if this inspires someone to do something in a good way, I will be utterly pleased.

Alright, why NickedEye you may ask – it sounds like naked eye. To see things through the naked eye – in a very truthful, unfiltered, unaltered way.


Enough said for this website, let me introduce myself.

I am a born and bred Singaporean. 30 over years of age (not to be too precise here) at the time of writing this page (year 2016). Male and single at the moment. I do not intend to stay like this for life – I meant singularity (haha) but not the sex – and I prefer binary system! Single ladies out there, if you find me interesting enough, give me a nudge and I will be pleased to get to know you. Okay, by the way, this website is not setup for my dating purpose…

I have interests in the following areas, but not limited to, or in any order of priority:

  1. Keeping fit: Running is currently my top choice as a form of exercise (not running away from something).
  2. Eating and trying out exotic or boutique cafes and restaurants.
  3. Cooking. More of learning how to cook by looking at how people do it. It is really fun to do it yourself and eating your own cooking or sharing with someone.
  4. Traveling around the world to see what is there on earth you have not experienced. Who does not like to travel?
  5. Exploration – you know, what is better than the excitement of getting to know new things and find out what they are or how it works? We started learning since birth and gets excited each time we discover something we are oblivious. It is the way of life. Not only human life.

My career has been in the Information Technology Industry for the past many years. And I believe it will not change in no time or in the distant future. I like IT (pun intended), and what it brings forth, and how it transforms human life on earth.

To be more precise, I started work as a Software Programmer after the mandatory 2 1/2 years Singapore National Service – for about 2 years. Then went off to co-found WhooshPro (a Singapore based digital creative web design agency) with a few good friends. I am glad to have chosen this path as it allows me to get to know many industries (as IT is needed in all industry) and constantly stay out of the comfort zone running a business.


That much about myself and I do not want to write a book out of it as I fear it may bore the spirit out of you. For more information, you can reach out to me through the contact means in this website, or for more interactions (at this time and age), get social with me through the many platforms listed below.

My professional profile lives here. You can get to know more about what I do with my work. Connect with me for work if you will.

The social side of me. Come friend me.

The artsy side of me. See  what I have got to offer visually and artistically.

What is more interesting than things vividly expressed in motion? View snippets from my personal video documentary channel.

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