My Profession

I answer to challenging technical needs as a chief technologist of WhooshPro (We are good at Creative Web Design, Content Management System, Ecommerce Solution, Search Engine Optimization, and building solution that works – our forte is Website Development).

On a day to day basis, I oversee the technical side of our company’s products and projects development. And I am proud to be one of the primary architects of our flagship content management system – Whiz CMS.

Once in a while, I like to write. I do it via blogging digitally about my ideas and knowledge to share with the Internet – anyone who manages to stumble upon my content. And I contribute to my company’s blog as well – WPBlog (WhooshPro Blog).

Co-founding the company is one of my best achievements so far in life – This has allowed me to be at the frontier of the information technology industry, and made me gain valuable experience, know-how and exposure to different business needs, as my customers are from many different industries.

I anticipate more exciting years to come in the changing IT landscape, knowing it will evolve tremendously in the near future. Motivated, with passion for my works, i envision making WhooshPro a very well known name in the industry!

I love to pay attention to details. Knowing how aesthetics and usability play their parts in the future of Information Technology, I strive to sharpen my skill sets in these areas, so I can bridge the gaps between the layman and the geek.

Starting off as a technopreneur, and over 10 years of experience running WhooshPro, I constantly remind myself to have an open mind for the challenges ahead. I embrace continuous learning, self-improvement, and hope to contribute back to the industry in a good way.

If you will, connect with me via my LinkedIn profile.

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