Parking sg app review, conveniently good digital alternative parking coupon app is here to the rescue. And I am giving my truthful Parking sg app review! Couple of days ago, while driving, I heard the radio DJs talking about this app and the convenience of using it, I can’t wait to try it out myself.

Of course, public parking coupons! Tearing out the punch holes, throwing the torn bits, calculating the parking session and how many leaflets to use, running out of coupons, buying the coupons… As a driver in Singapore, you know the hassle… 😉 Bear with it as there are still plenty of public car parks that are not electronically priced and charged.

So today, I am putting the app to the test! Giving a Parking sg app review. Enter the digital age!

And here’s my first parking session using this app and let’s see how it goes.

I am using iPhone, so I’ll go to Apple App Store to find and download it. The app icon looks like this:
Parking sg app review
Definitely straight forward and representative. 15.9 MB app size – nice. Would not be too long to download and would not eat up too much of your data.

Simple icon, easy to recognize. And very straight to the point app title.

I have installed it prior to my first parking attempt. If you wish to download on the fly when you do your first parking, by all means! And of course added my credit card for payment, and my vehicle license number plate. Just to save some time at the parking lot.

Any case, it would not take long for you to add  yours. Look at the add vehicle screen. Easy enough!


Ok. I am at my parking spot and parked. Let me launch the app. First thing I have to do is to search for my parking location, and select the Car Park.

It helps if the car park code is just right in front of you haha. I am very lucky today.
Otherwise, the in app search is not too bad either. Here’s how it looks.
It gives you the nearest car parks, and well as your recently used car parks. What else could you ask for?

It’s quite accurate as well. Oh by the way it uses Google Map – of all other no so nice maps. That’s a great choice!

Hmm, I am not too sure, but I will just park for the default 30 minutes first. The +/- adds and subtracts 30 min blocks… I can’t made up  my mind… haha. but it’s ok, I guess I can extend the parking session later (remotely – yeah), without having to walk back to my parking lot.

So hear I am, a few quick moments later I am ready to move to the next step.

Oh nice. You’ll combine the charges so it doesn’t flood my credit card statement space. That’s very thoughtful. OK.

And, I’m done! Off I go to whatever or wherever.
Wait a minute. Did I forget to tear coupons?!… oh I am just not getting used to it yet… Let’s buzz off.


Hmm… enjoying myself, a few minutes later just checking back on the app and make sure everything is fine. Yes indeed, it’s fine 😛

Oh, I can extend anytime, and end early as well – and I guess the earlier statement of refund each unused minutes come when i End Early! That’s very thoughtful. Peace of mind, let me continue with my activity then.

And in a jiffy, 1/2 hour is about gone. I get notified via the app that my parking session is about to end. OK. Let me extend the parking session. Remotely.

Alright, I will go with another 30 min then.

OK, I am done extending. I am happy not needing to go back to my car just to tear another coupon.

Immediately, the extended parking session is in place:

Well, I’ll focus on my enjoyment then. 🙂

OK. I am done with my stuff, and it’s time to head back to my car. Moments later, I am with my beloved car and let’s end my parking session.

Let’s do it. Clicking on End Early.

Confirm? Yes Please. End Now.

And my parking summary. Clear and concise. Nothing else I’d ask for.

Well, this spells the end of my first attempt with this app.

Parking sg app review: I am SOLD! I will continue to use this app.


Here are a few other highlights after some further quick explorations into the app.

In addition, handy parking history to check your parking history and bills.


Parking history details:

Relevant parking rule to prevent you from the wrong doings…

Lets you know when it is free 🙂

What’s on the app menu:


Conclusion of Parking sg app review, from my first use:
In Summary. Good user experience. Greatly ease the way and flow to pay for public car parking fees. Fulfill the needs for public parking and way better than traditional paper coupons (save the earth). Although I would say it will not totally replace the traditional paper coupons any time soon, it is a good initiative and it greatly convenience the people who are using digital technology to make life easier.

Some doubts though.
However, if there is no Internet access or if your phone batter is going flat, you would still need paper coupons. But you can ask someone else to use the app to pay for you remotely (haha) – I think not every friend or relative is readily available on standby to do just that for you. Better keep some paper coupons in the car just in case.

Also, not too sure if the car park is selected wrongly for your parking session, and a warrant happens to check on you, will he issue a parking summon 😛

Well, until that happens, we’ll see…


For further reference, go to the website:


Indeed, kudos to the team that built and maintain this:

And Singapore is one step closer to a Smart Nation:
Great Job. Hope to see more smart nation products soon!


Finally, thank you for reading my Parking sg app review!

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