Keep Fit, Run Places
Water monitor lizard lazing around.

Run at Pandan Reservoir

Jan 2017. Pandan Reservoir, one of the many reservoirs in Singapore. It serves the nearby industrial estate non-potable water, and a place to exercise and relax. Located at the south-west of Singapore, ...


Exploring Lorong Sesuai By Running

Dec 2016. At the very corner of Bukit Batok Nature Park hill lies Lorong Sesuai. A place less known to many Singaporean. A landed residential area located just beside the Bukit Batok War Memorials. A ...

night at marina bay viewing from helix bridge lookout point featured photo

Run at Marina Bay (Singapore, SG, SIN)

Here is the place that tops the chart on my favorite places to run! Marina Bay it is. You would find many things you can do here, other than a nice city run route - for a scenic day or night run. Ranging ...

bukit batok lorong sesuai communications tower

Run at Bukit Batok Nature Reserve, Lorong Sesuai (Singapore, SG, SIN)

Like many running routes in Singapore, you will soon realize that they usually encompass more than one place such as adjacent parks or conveniently accessible connected locations. Reason being Singapore is a ...

labrador berlayer lighthouse

Run at Labrador Nature Park, Keppel Bay (Singapore, SG, SIN)

Wonder why the title "Labrador Nature Park, Keppel Bay" contains two locations? Because these two places are side by side and as a run addict, you would usually want to conquer the two places at one go to ...

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