Run at Labrador Nature Park, Keppel Bay (Singapore, SG, SIN)

Wonder why the title “Labrador Nature Park, Keppel Bay” contains two locations? Because these two places are side by side and as a run addict, you would usually want to conquer the two places at one go to satisfy your run! They are located beside the sea and is a great route to sight see as you run.

Not to mention Labrador Park is also a Singapore heritage location where you can see some of Singapore history documented in plaques around the area. It also sits some legacy remnants (such as machine gun post and artillery pieces) of what was used by the British military during the colonial times of world war II.

Whereas, Keppel Bay, is one of the many beautiful built up areas in Singapore where you can see high life residential living by the marina. You will see the famous award winning bendy Reflections condominium, inviting you from afar to give it a good look. You will also get a chance to awe at the many boats that sits within the marina basin. From time to time, you will catch big cruise ships passing by going to and fro the Singapore Cruise Centre located at Harbour Front Centre/Vivo City. Oh yes, you will see interesting tug and tow boats as well. What a place to sight see for marina lovers.

Prepare to also run across the Keppel Bay Bridge (the longest cable-stayed bridge in Singapore) which connects you from the main land to the Keppel Island.

It is also worth a mention, in between these two scenic places, you will also run by Berlayer Creek and the Bukit Chermin Bridge (connecting Labrador and Keppel Bay).

Berlayer Creek is a nice mangrove trail which you get opportunities to spot some wet land creatures from the lookout points along the boardwalk. It connects the Labrador Park/Bukit Chermin Bridge to the public transport (Labrador Park MRT Station).

Bukit Chermin Bridge is the connection between Labrador and Keppel Bay. Along it, you will be able to get a wide angle view of the sea, Labrador, Keppel Bay and the Sentosa Island.

And of course! Along the run where you get open views, you will sure to find yourself looking at the distant cable cars hanging in the sky that carry people from Mount Faber over to the Sentosa Island.


Private Transport: Labrador Park car park – free parking
Public Transport: Labrador Park MRT Station, and bus stop
Public Toilet: Labrador Park – beside the car park, and main plaza
Nearest Food: Keppel Bay – Prive Cafe

Run Profile
Terrain: flat
Distance: Short Run (less than 5 km), Medium Run (5 to 20 km)
Surface: pavement, tarmac, grass
Surrounding: seaside, nature, forest, trees, historical monuments, condominium, bridges, boardwalks, boats, harbour


Run Map Area
Labrador Nature Reserve and Keppel Island


Run Sample Routes
Here are some sample routes taken from my runs for reference.


Run Photo Gallery
As I run, I capture moments of my run views for reference.


Run Video Snippets
Enjoy video recordings on the runs at my YouTube channel playlist.

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