Run at Bukit Batok Nature Reserve, Lorong Sesuai (Singapore, SG, SIN)

Like many running routes in Singapore, you will soon realize that they usually encompass more than one place such as adjacent parks or conveniently accessible connected locations. Reason being Singapore is a very small country and that the recreational areas are well connected. If you are a long distance running, you may one day be able to cover the whole of Singapore in a single run!

Hence you see that Bukit Batok Nature Reserve and Lorong Sesuai are covered in this post for a collective run route.

Bukit Batok Nature Park is by far one of the more interesting parks around in Singapore. Why so you may ask. It has a dead granite quarry holding a pond, in the depth of the park. This is one of the scenic places within the park. The other location will be at the top of the hill where you will see a historical World War II monumental plaque – which you could read off some interesting facts about the hill top you are standing on. By looking down from the hill top, although not very high, you may not be awed, but at least I think you would feel accomplished for the matter that you have run or made yourself to the top of the hill.

In the midst of the paths within the park to the hill top, you will also be welcomed by a lookout point where you can take a peek from the top of how it looks like at the granite quarry and pond. It is pretty nice.

If you like nature, this is also a place for you. You may see quite some of Singapore’s biodiversity from within this park alone. To name a few of the fauna you may see there, they are: flying squirrel, white-crested laughingthrush bird, monkeys, red junglefowl, fishes in the pond, and of course the many flora around throughout the park.

Just beside the park, or rather at the top of the hill lies Lorong Sesuai, where you will find some “remote living” in Singapore. You will find rustic bungalows sprawled sparingly into the depth of this quiet landed residential precinct along the road. Get yourself immersed in the rustic atmosphere while running along this stretch of road.

Most of the time, you will find little to few people there. However, occasionally you may spot some dwellers strolling their dogs, or groups of people enjoying skating, cycle, or running in this quiet environment.

It is also worth mentioning, the entrance leading to Lorong Sesuai is also an alternative entrance to Bukit Batok Nature Park. This entrance is a long, straight and rather steep slope leading up to the top of the hill. It holds quite a nice view to the eye. Along the way, you may see bands of monkeys loitering around – probably waiting for occasional visitors whom may feed them.

Nice things aside, it was reported that cobras has been spotted in the depth of Lorong Sesuai. So be extra cautious of the environment as you wander into this place.

Also not to forget some bad crime happened during off peak hours in Bukit Batok Nature Park leading to death. It was also known that the granite quarry pond is a place where people had taken their own lives. Sad to say, some unfortunate soul had been taken away of life by fallen tree trunks during rainy day.

So be careful in any case. This is also a place that I would strongly not recommend to run at night, or for ladies to run alone even in the day.

As with anything you do, take good care. Enjoy the runs as well as the places around you!


Private Transport: Bukit Batok Nature Park car park – electronic pricing parking
Public Transport: Bus stop
Public Toilet: Bukit Batok Nature Park – deep inside the park, near pond plaza
Nearest Food: Not within the run area

Run Profile
Terrain: hilly, slopes and undulating
Distance: Short Run (less than 5 km), Medium Run (5 to 20 km)
Surface: pavement, tarmac, grass
Surrounding: nature, forest, trees, historical monuments, dead granite quarry, pond, fauna


Run Map Area
Bukit Batok Nature Reserve and Lorong Sesuai


Run Sample Routes
Here are some sample routes taken from my runs for reference.


Run Photo Gallery
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