Exploring Lorong Sesuai By Running

Dec 2016.

At the very corner of Bukit Batok Nature Park hill lies Lorong Sesuai. A place less known to many Singaporean. A landed residential area located just beside the Bukit Batok War Memorials. A tranquil place to live and a great place to explore by hiking or in my case – running 🙂

I have here, a series of videos taken during my exploration run. Capturing the surrounding for visual reference for those who may want to take a trip there some fine day. Enjoy!


The entrance to Lorong Sesuai is also the alternative entrance to Bukit Batok Nature Reserve.


Be welcome by the many monkeys along the sloping road leading towards Lorong Sesuai residential area at the hill top.


Be amazed by what the monkeys can do. Example running around and having quickies in the open 😉


To reach the top, you will have to tackle this lengthy slope. It is not for the faint hearts.


Going up the flight of steps towards the top of the Bukit Batok Nature Park hill is a real challenge. Along which  you will find the war memorial plaque.


Going down from the top of the war memorial flight of steps. It was a flight of relief running down the steps.


Proceeding into the residential area, you will see the communications tower.


One of the few communication towers at the hill tops in Singapore, here at Lorong Sesuai.


Going by a water storage tank.


Going into the residential area. Anticipation. 🙂


In the midst of the residential area. Traveling back in time flanked by colonial houses 🙂


Going into the depth of the residential area and towards the one and only round about.


Enjoying the flower blooming scenes along the way.


Running the internal loop. Go for a few more rounds if you enjoy the tranquility and sounds of the birds.


Find out a little more in another post.


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