Windows server 2016 install steps with microsoft partner iso image download


You need to setup Windows Server 2016, you are new to Windows Server 2016 installation, and you have got your hands on an ISO image downloaded from Microsoft Partner downloads. You want to know the steps to install a new server, either for your bare metal server, or a virtual machine.



For a bare metal server installation, you will need to first prepare your  Windows Server 2016 ISO image into a bootable media readable by your server hardware. In most cases today, you will want to put it into a USB stick. For a virtual machine case, you can either reuse the the bootable USB stick as well by setting your virtual machine management system (such as Hyper-V or VMWare) to boot directly from the ISO image. In either case, the installation for Windows Server 2016 is not complicated.

Here are the steps you would expect.

Once you boot up your machine with your ISO image, you will soon see the editions to choose from.

Desktop Experience as it suggests comes with the operating system user interface. While the other is just the core which you need to operate with commands! If you need a server that can hosts many virtual machines, then the Datacenter edition is for you.


Once you are decided, you will see the license terms, you’ll have to accept anyways 🙂


Accept, and move on to the next step to choose the type of installation.

You will choose Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) to install a fresh new copy of the server.


Next, you will have to choose the drive to install your windows server.

If you have more space, you may want to split up your drive into more than one so you can separate the operating system installation with your data into another drive.


Once the drive is chosen, and you click next, the installation process begins.

Let the installation process complete. Usually it does. Recent windows installation experience has been pretty good.


You will be happy to see the local administrator set up screen when it is done installing.

Set your password and click Finish.

Pretty fast and breezy installation process.


And congratulations! you are done.


The windows server 2016 installation experience has definitely come a long way compared to the older versions. I will be happy again to see future improvements for future releases!




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