Western Australia, Beneath the Winter Skies

June 2017.

Cape Leeuwin Light House

Cape Leeuwin Light House – apt winter sky for a no snow destination winter

Nope. No snow, but grey skies. Cold weather and a crisp breezy winter in Western Australia! Definitely a great experience and a fulfilling one. A good break from the hustle and bustle of Singapore city working life.


Western Australia. About 5 hours flight time from Singapore Airport to Perth Airport. More specifically, travelling to the south western part of Western Australia. It’s a fantastic journey. And a road trip there with plenty of driving and adventure 🙂

Here’s an itinerary of the trip in Western Australia. A total of 9 days.
From 17 Jun 2017 to 25 Jun 2017.

Day 1
Flying from Singapore Changi Airport to Perth City Airport arriving at night and staying over for the night at Piara Waters.

Day 2
Driving from Piara Waters to Magaret River. Along the way, stopping over at Bunury and Busselton.

Day 3
Full day at Magaret River.

Day 4
Driving from Magaret River to Denmark. Along the way, stopping over at Bartholomews Meadery.

Day 5
Full day at Denmark

Day 6
Driving to Albany, then back to Perth City

Day 7
Full day in Perth City

Day 8
Full day in Perth City

Day 9
Flight in the late morning from Perth City Airport back to Singapore Changi Airport

About a tad lesser than SGD $2,000 per persons for the entire trip inclusive of air tickets, lodging and food.

I will be sharing more on the interesting places and adventures from the itinerary in upcoming posts 🙂


Western Australia decent lodging

Decent lodging found and booked via Airbnb. An example here is the first night stay at Piara Waters. Pretty happy about using the Airbnb mobile app as well.

Lodging wise, it was pretty decent going about booking and communicating with the hosts via the Airbnb mobile app. Will share more about the lodgings in subsequent posts.


Meanwhile, it’s fun, traversing the Western Australian roads. Long, quiet, scenic roads. Some of which are extremely long and straight roads where you can barely see the end leading towards the horizon afar, where the sky and the land connect.

It has been a exhilarating road trip and a great ride with the sturdy and trusty KIA Carnival which we managed to rent from Thrifty Car (hassle free pickup and return – however we were not able to get our original booking for Hyundai iMax – no complains and we would recommend for their service).

If you need a comparison between the two cars, you can take a look at this video KIA Carnival vs Hyundai iMax Comparison. I am glad, KIA Carnival did well for our trip!


KIA Carnival, 8 Seater, automatic transmission, petrol driven. Relatively reliable road trip tourer. With just enough boot space for 7 passengers with one of the rear row seats folded down – 2 big, 1 medium, and 2 small luggages, 1 Quechua 50 Litre backpack, and a couple of small hand carry bags.


Of course, what is holiday without moments captured? It must be a holiday unintended. 😛 Pictures worth a thousand words. While being there yourself trumps over pictures viewing, it is much worth to capture the memorable moments and keep for future revisiting.

Today, at this time and age where technology is at its best time of advancements, there is no excuse not to take good pictures for your perfect moments during your explorations. Do equip yourself with the must have photo or video taking tools.

Seize the moments. Take lots of photos!

Seize the moments. Take lots of photos! With modern photography tools. Like the iPhone and Parrot Bebop 2 Aerial Drone


For me, it has to be iPhone 7plus. It has all the image capturing features I need to seize the moments. It has also a myriad of apps available to process the photos or videos taken. Simply one of the most convenient and light weight tools doubling up as a imaging tool apart from serving as the main communication and Internet functions tool – to be really mobile and carried around.

Unlike bulky digital cameras of yesterday (like my old Canon 350D sitting in my camera dry cabinet), where you need quite a fair bit of taking care and maintenance, and that only serve as a camera, the mobile phone of today pretty much replace the need of a digital camera of that bukly size, for an amateur photographer for quick and convenient photo taking anywhere, and anytime.

To add to the arsenal of photography tool kit, with lately the up and coming of aerial photography, I have added the Parrot Bebop 2 Aerial Drone to my collection. Guess what? The remote controller for the Drone can be your mobile phone with the right app, rather than buying the controller joystick that is built for it. One less thing to carry 😀

Parrot Bebop 2. Good for amateur aerial photography.

Parrot Bebop 2. Good for amateur aerial photography.


And here’s a group shot of the band of 7 travelers for this trip!

group shot - occasional relative travelers

Group shot with my trusty iPhone 7 plus

It was definitely a good time together!


And rounding up with a compilation video of the exciting moments.



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