Happy End German Unicorn Milk Liqueur

Strawberry Unicorn Milk Liqueur

When the evening sky displays beautiful unicorn hues like this, you know you are in the mood for something dreamy (as dreamy as the Happy End German Unicorn Milk Liqueur – more of it later).


Of course, you would like to think that unicorns are mystical horses with rainbow tails that fart cotton candies and cough confetti, but after this fateful evening, we also believe that anything unicorn are sweet, milky and happy. And we have to thank Germany for this great revelation.

Germany’s fascination with Unicorns

However, as I was told, German folks are often considered as rude, cold and humourless. Well, myth debunked! My best pals were just back from Stuttgart and they showed us the delightful and cutesy side of Germany. Under the stone cold expression, the Germans really just want all of us to keep our dreams alive. Subtly done…

So be thankful for a good meal and you need to wipe your mouth. Reminder to live your dream after your meal.

Unicorn Serviette

And some magic unicorn yogurt to relieve bloatedness. Reminder to live your dream even when you are feeling bloated.


Finally, after you are done with business! Reminder to keep your dreams alive!


But our favorite has to go to:

Happy End German Unicorn Milk Liqueur

 Happy End Unicorn Milk LiqueurHappy End Unicorn Milk Liqueur Shot

Indeed, it tastes as good as it looks! It is a perfect dessert drink and best served chilled. The liquor and the strawberry flavour balanced out really well and the milkiness in this unicorn milk liqueur is really comforting.

Additionally, served in shot glasses, Happy End German Unicorn Milk Liquer will definitely be a crowd pleaser at a party.

As much as I have guessed, Happy End stands for unforgettable party fun, I would definitely recommend having this milk liquer to ensure the success of your home parties.

And the fun doesn’t stop at strawberry flavour, Happy End has different varieties of unicorn milk liqueur flavors available. Dreamy yet?!…

Ready to pour some for yourself?

Eventually, hope you will find your dreamy unicorn!


Well, want more gastronomical treats? Noms here…



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