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Web hosting review Singapore (for website, blog, and email)

Truthful and Unbiased Web Hosting Review Have you been looking for a reliable web hosting service company in Singapore (or at least a presence here) for your Internet presence need? Particular in terms of ...


IIS 10 500 internal server error running on windows server 2016

IIS 10 500 internal server error - Scenario:  When you set up an website with IIS 10 on Windows Server 2016, and you get 500 Internal Server Error, while trying to access your newly setup website! ...


ASP.NET with VB.NET – execute long running duration process in the background with executable (exe)

Scenario: There is a need to perform long running report generation in an page on an ad-hoc basis. The report has to run behind the scene and allows for picking up later when the report generation ...


CSS attribute function with media query responsive code sample

Scenario: You are wondering what the css attribute function attr() can practically do for you? Sometimes I wonder too, but it is there possibly for a good reason after the people behind the scenes gone ...


SQL Server 2016 allow remote connection installed on windows server 2016

Scenario: You have SQL Server 2016 installed on a Windows Server 2016 and you wish to allow remote connection to the server from your local area network computers. The following configuration solution ...

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Vodien: Affordable, Reliable and Professional Singapore Web Hosting